Steve Prentice  (Lead Guitar, Vocals) - Steve has been playing  guitar since the late 1980s, when U2 and The Police were still new and exciting. By day he is a speaker and author focusing primarily on technology in the workplace. But who really cares about that? Steve loves nothing more than getting up on stage and playing the tunes that make people want to dance.

His biggest audience to date was at the 2007 Grey Cup Celebrations in Toronto, (5,000 or so) as part of an opening act for Great Big Sea and April Wine.

Joe Connelly (Guitar, Vocals) - is a Master Electrician by trade who owns and operates his own electrical company. He started playing guitar at the age of 12. He taught himself by listening to a variety of musical styles, and  continues to learn from his Dorset Park bandmates. He loves seeing people enjoy the music we play, especially when they get up and dance and sing along to their favourite songs.

Michael Meehan (Drums) -  Late to the whole music-is-my-life thing, Michael only found his passion for drumming and performing well into his 40s. But he's making up for lost time. He loves playing in a band and watching people react to the music being created. It feeds his soul.

We are the Dorset Park Band musicians. DOrset PaRK - DORK - Get it? Our kids have assured us that this nickname is cool.

Lead singer TJ Robbins brings a unique sound to the classics and breathes new life to your familiar favourites. TJ connects with the crowd and invites you to be a part of the band. Don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along with her at the next gig!

Kevin Araujo  (Keyboards, Vocals) - With over two decades of playing experience, this IT management professional found his passion for the piano in the fires of jazz and blues. His first "real" gig was played at the age of 15 as a piano and saxophone duet. Later on Kevin continued his studies in music at the University of Waterloo. Over the years he has played in jazz, R&B, Motown and rock bands. When he plays you'll hear influences of Ray Charles, Billy Joel and Elton John. His most notable performance was to an audience of 400 people at Toronto's legendary Imperial Room. Suffice to say, Kevin feels at home behind the piano.

Ed Hitchcock (Audio Engineer) started working professionally as a theatre technician in the mid-eighties, and has kept his hand in ever since. He has worked on shows for David Wilcox, Salome Bey, Don McLean, Linda Ronstadt and Vera Lynn, as well as a number of music and theatre productions in Toronto, Montreal and beyond. By training he is an evolutionary biologist and paleontologist, and currently teaches high school physics and computers. He has lived in three different provinces, four different countries, and has variously been a research scientist, giant telescope operator, public speaker, and brewer. He still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. Fun fact – he was once bitten by a lion.

Mike Rao (bass guitar)

Growing up in Guelph in an Italian family, Mike's musical journey started out at a very young age, on the accordion, attending the
Ontario Conservatory of Music.

With not many gigs and the instrument weighing more than he did, he sold the accordion and bought a guitar, eventually making the bass his instrument.

Mike has played in many bands throughout the years, mainly in the classic rock/blues genre, playing gigs of all sizes, though out Ontario.

As part of his ongoing learning, Mike regularly participates in band workshops and clinics.Most recently, he has been playing and studying in both a jazz ensemble, and keeping the bottom end moving in a big band Orchestra.

Some of the accomplished players Mike has studied under are John Tonin, Anthony Rice, and Brent Rowan.