Steve Prentice  (Lead Guitar, Vocals) - Steve has been playing this same guitar since the late 1980s, when U2 and The Police were still new and exciting. By day he is a speaker and author focusing primarily on technology in the workplace. But who really cares about that? Steve loves nothing more than getting up on stage and playing the tunes that make people want to dance.

His biggest audience to date was at the 2007 Grey Cup Celebrations in Toronto, (5000 or so) as part of an opening act for Great Big Sea and April Wine.

Andres Gonzalez Clavelli (bass guitar) is a finance professional who is addicted to Motown. At  the age of 4, he started his musical career playing the recorder in his native Caracas, Venezuela. He moved up to Spanish guitar at age 8, and went deep into classical guitar studies (3 years).

He has played the bar scene and has even managed to tour with a few Venezuelan stars. He has played arenas with crowds of 10,000+.

In Canada he has played  corporate gigs and festivals including the Canada Day Festivities and the Hawaiian Midnight Madness in Port Credit.

Joe Connelly (Guitar, Vocals) - is a master electrician who started playing guitar when he was 3. Ok, getting hard in to it at 12 when he heard AC/DC and Teenage Head. He played for a band in his early 30’s for a few years, the largest crowd being around 100 people. Joe loves to see the people enjoying what is being played and being a part of a group of talented people who can help put the smiles on their faces when we play their favourite songs.

Michael Meehan (Drums) -  Late to the whole music-is-my-life thing, Michael only found his passion for drumming and performing well into his 40s. But he's making up for lost time. He loves playing in a band and watching people react to the music being created. It feeds his soul.

We are the Dorset Park Band musicians. DOrset PaRK - DORK - Get it? Our kids have assured us that this nickname is cool.

Lead singer TJ Robbins brings a unique sound to the classics and breathes new life to your familiar favourites. TJ connects with the crowd and invites you to be a part of the band. Don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along with her at the next gig!