The Dorset Park Band is dedicated to delivering the finest in dance-rock entertainment for your corporate retreat, fundraiser or family party. We are more than just a band - we strive to deliver a memorable occasion, playing tunes that are simply irresistible, and whose appeal spans the generations. We are proud to play a large selection of Canadian tunes - over 50% of our set list comes from the Great White North, eh? We are experienced, reliable, and fun. Great multi-part harmonies, groovy guitars, and a tight rhythm section mean the music is, well, awesome

Do your guests want to eat and talk? Then we'll be quiet. We play a great collection of familiar, low key tunes that will form a pleasant, unobtrusive background for your guests' conversations or early mingling.

Do your guests want to dance? Then let's dance! Our sets contain long seamless stretches of dance hits from the 60's through the disco era, the 80's 90's and today, to get people moving, having fun and feeling hot hot hot!

Do your guests want something special? If you have a special tune - something that will mean a great deal to your guests or guest of honour, then let us know. Our talented musicians will pick it up quickly and present it at just the right time. Do you want to make a speech? Present an award? Or just sing along. Hey, you can do that too!

Join the Dorset Park Band family! You can follow us on Twitter, or on Facebook, you can send us comments on our contact form or subscribe to our mailing list to keep track of what we're up to. We're about more than just music. We are about making life as fun as it can be, and we want you to be part of that.

Check out our video from the Milton Mac+Cheese Festival, June 9, 2018. This is us playing "Bounce" by Danko Jones. (Click here or on the photo) More available on the Pics&Vids page.